Monday, October 25, 2004

Saigon Fun

772 9th Ave @ 52nd Street, 212-581-3810


The former Hell's Kitchen area, 9th avenue between 44th and 56th streets, is rapidly becoming a cool place to relax and hang out, hit some bars, and have a nice dinner. Most add their own little special somethings to the tastes of not-so-uncomon dishes. This small Vietnamese place looked interesting to check out, and our week night dinner was definitely not disappointing.

Not that it's really exceptional and stands way out of the crowd - just that there are little touches that are picked up faithfully by the taste buds and tickle the palate. The ambience is relaxing and quiet, though the seating is spartan, a far cry from lounges. The menu is pretty simple, and prices are low. We had some fish, some soup, and some noodles, and all of them were interesting (in a good way) and enjoyable. Recommendations offered were excellent. Try the grilled salmon - I can't find it on menupages, it was one of the specials of the day.

Don't miss out the superb Ca Phe Phin Sua Fresly Brewed Fench Coffee With Condensed Milk - it's a treat to watch the dark coffee get brewed in front of you, turn white with the condensed milk, and the taste - mmmmmmmmm.


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