Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Kati Roll Company

99 Macdougal St, 212-420-6497

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Cost per person: $10
"YGWYPF" factor: 7/10 (you get what you pay for)

If you are from eastern India, you know all about kati rolls - and miss them just as much. The food that's more likely to be found at a street intersection in Calcutta than street signs themselves has now been faithfully replicated in this Village joint. True to form, Kati Roll Co is open late, and serves fast and fresh. Just take the A/C/E to West 4!

Seating is limited - you have to aim for an off peak hour to get a seat - but they say they are going to expand by buying out the place downstairs. Decor is minimalistic, but interesting - orange background, same as the menu, with posters of old Hindi movies on the walls.

Food options are as simplistic as the decor - you get to choose from chicken tikka, beef tikka, aalo, paneer or egg. You can add egg to meat rolls for a better flavor and fill. Spicy means spicy, so stay out if you are weak hearted - but then you'll miss out the wonderful flavor of green chillies.

The only reason I feel this gives a little less "YGWYPF" is the cost - it takes at least 2 rolls for an average fill, 3 for a "full tank". At about $5 a roll, you may think it's expensive, unless you grew up having this every other day like I did.

Whenever there are innovators, there are replicators - in this case, the "Indian Bread Company" across the corner. To be brief, better decor, but the food is not as good as here. If you want Kati Rolls, you've got to come to the Kati Roll Company.


Blogger dipenpatel33 said...

True Story:

On Sunday September 23, 2007 @ 2am, I was rudely harassed by the person at the counter: My wife, friends, and I visited Kati Roll and after receiving our order (as I began to eat) I realized that there was a mistake. I had ordered a unda chicken roll but was given an undo roll (no chicken) by mistake. So, I went up to the man at the register and stated “Excuse me, I think you gave me an unda roll by mistake”. He looked at me and said “No, you ordered an unda roll”. He proceeded to blame me for the mistake and call me a liar. Though I was shocked and frustrated by the service and response of this man, I calmly responded and was ready to pay for another (I drove 1 hour just for this place, I really wanted to eat my favorite type of kati roll); however, he further raised his voice and continued to yell “You are wrong and I am right.” As I started to say, “Yes but…” (was planning on offereing to pay again) he interrupted in now a very loud and angry voice “Get out now”. He then came out of the counter with his fist at me (He placed his fist on my cheak). My wife and 3 friends were forcefully kicked out of the restaurant. We were all completely shocked at what happened.

Unfortunately, I knew I couldn’t do anything but I am truly upset by how I was treated. His behavior was completely uncalled for. I understand that the location of the restaurant attracts a lot of rowdy drunk people at that time of the day; however, my friends and I were neither drunk nor rowdy and did not deserve to be treated in that manner.

My friends and I have therefore decided to boycott this place and spread the word of how badly I was treated. I have sent letters to consumer affairs to make sure that there is some sort of action taken for their unfair treatment towards me and my friends.

Sep 24, 2007, 7:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah! I was just getting nostalgic about the life I left behind in New York, and I chanced upon your post! Thanks for rekindling the memories.

Dipen, those guys are adorable man. I've been going there for four years, and there's no way they'd do such a thing to anyone. Maybe just a freak incident. Did you go back again?

Oct 22, 2008, 12:46:00 AM  

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